📢 New episode is out! 📢
This week we chat about the new Raspberry Pi, Chromium on Mint, YouTube-DL takedown, Ubuntu, carrier lock, HBO Max.

New episode is out! We tip our hat to Matthew Miller and Eduard Lucena from Fedora, and talk to them about the new release, the project, the Universe and everything.

📢 New episode is out! This week we mostly chat about empowerment and barriers 🚧 to entry.


And we are back, with a new logo and a new store!

This time we mostly chat about hardware, as Nvidia dropped 40 biiiiiiillion on Arm and Linux laptops are all the rage. 👹


📢 New episode is out! 📢
COVID app for Linux Foundation • PinePhone improved... • ...and with Android 10 • Olive editor • LibreOffice: it's not personal • We're out for summer

After a delay (apologies) we have a new episode out! linuxlads.com/s4e14

Minus Shane • Plus Mark • Serpent OS • Barclays fail • Volla phone • Rolling Rhino • Mark's Father's Day surprise • Alacritous Alacritty • Circle back and reverse

📢 The second part of episode 13 is now out! 📢 Tune in for the interview with @de_mentor about PowerShell on Linux


New episode is out 📢

WIth extra DM • Attack on encryption • 20.04 on XPS • Plasma goes icons only • PinePhone CE • Mint snaps out • Not a Mac • Allons-y, Alonso!


New episode is out 📯

Blender LTS • Microsoft mis-steps • Linux market share • PineTab ready to go • Lenovo for Linux • You should be so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky...


New episode is out! 📢
Gnome settles with a troll • EU recommends open source • Trump fact checked • Munich sees the light again • Microsoft's new terminal • GUI apps in WSL • Who dis?

New episode is out!

Interview with Mathieu, the Lutris developer • Short and sweet.


New episode is out 🗣

Fosa in Focus • Fresh Fedora • Viva Vivaldi • Modernized Manjaro • Organized in OnlyOffice • Ready RetroPie • I'll stop now...


New episode is out:

The return of the Heron • QT - fork it, maybe? • Phosh so big and pure • Foliate your ebooks • Deepin in beta • Lightly Lemur • Support Joe • Stay safe and eat scones


New episode is out!

Rocco is not Shane • Linux journey • Desktops • Best tool for the job • Rocco's channels • Distros • Gear • Community • Social networks • Browsers • Doom Hypothetical • Barracuda!


New episode is out!

_Stay safe • Goodies from System 76 • Alyx on Linux • Flåtpakked Fireføx • Librem Mini • Working from home • This is an Easter egg._


New episode is out!

Support Debian • Facebook sponsors OBS • New LibreOffice • Collabora on Android • Unity8 renamed to Lomiri • Interview with Artyom Zorin • Wally's right here.


New episode is out!
Korea might switch to Linux • App Center for everyone • OpenShot updated • No more Essential • UKUI switched to QT • Linux-only game store • How the podcast is made • Linux Gangnam Style

New episode is out!

Support the Document Foundation • Pine64 at FOSDEM • Regolith 1.3 • Manjaro and Kubuntu laptops • Godot gets paid • Zorin Grid • Wireguard in the kernel • Thunderbird under MZLA • Ubi Linux, ibi patria, ibi libertas


New episode is out!

With an extra @thelinuxEXP • Support @mozilla • Apps streaming • Apps leaving • Mozilla layoffs • Nextcloud Hub from @nextcloud • Non! Au contraire! Nous descendons!


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