New year, new season, new episode! Gnome and Pop!_OS, Windows, Fedora goes Deepin and Deepin goes all touchy, ChromeOS is getting Apt, DuckDuckGo finds Apple (Maps), Purism wants convergence. No parking on Wednesdays.

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@linuxlads Thank you for publishing a great podcast. I listen to your show using a combination of PocketCast and Android Auto (running on my Chevrolet MyLink car media player). Yes, I'm a Yank and, No I'm not one of those political eejits. I work in Detroit and appreciate the clarity and honesty of your presentation. Your discussion sparked an idea for me ... I would love to learn more about what do when it all goes wrong in Linux. Any insight on troubleshooting Linux in general?

@schuster great that you like the show! As for troubleshooting, I usually experiment first (depending on if I'm in a rush or not), then look online (arch wiki, no matter what distro in on, Digital Ocean tutorials for server stuff, stack over flow...), and if all else fails, reinstall - but that hasn't been happening much in recent years.

@linuxlads yes I have done so much "googling" of error messages ... I'm wondering about log files and how get better at picking the right ones and combing through them. Do you ever use System Log Viewer or are you a command line purist?

@schuster imho any tool that helps you deal with frustrating situation is welcome. Many times the command line "classics" like grep are the fastest and more efficient though. What kind of logs are you talking about?

@linuxlads Recent scenario ... booted my KDE Plasma box and instead of a desktop I get a black screen -- emergency mode terminal. Crap -- no idea why. Looking closer it says try "journalctl -xB" to view logs. I do this and spot the issue -- the bad FSTAB entry for the external drive that is not powered up. This time I was lucky ... when I do the "google my symptoms" panic I usually find a greybeard who knows some arcane terminal command grep blah blah -- how do they know where to start? RTFM?

@schuster I think it's mostly experience. Some people read books about how Linux works, and that would help with trouble shooting, but I think experience is the most important.

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