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📢 New episode is out! This week we mostly chat about empowerment and barriers 🚧 to entry.

And we are back, with a new logo and a new store!

This time we mostly chat about hardware, as Nvidia dropped 40 biiiiiiillion on Arm and Linux laptops are all the rage. 👹

📢 New episode is out! 📢
COVID app for Linux Foundation • PinePhone improved... • ...and with Android 10 • Olive editor • LibreOffice: it's not personal • We're out for summer

After a delay (apologies) we have a new episode out!

Minus Shane • Plus Mark • Serpent OS • Barclays fail • Volla phone • Rolling Rhino • Mark's Father's Day surprise • Alacritous Alacritty • Circle back and reverse

📢 The second part of episode 13 is now out! 📢 Tune in for the interview with @de_mentor about PowerShell on Linux

New episode is out 📢

WIth extra DM • Attack on encryption • 20.04 on XPS • Plasma goes icons only • PinePhone CE • Mint snaps out • Not a Mac • Allons-y, Alonso!

New episode is out 📯

Blender LTS • Microsoft mis-steps • Linux market share • PineTab ready to go • Lenovo for Linux • You should be so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky...

New episode is out! 📢
Gnome settles with a troll • EU recommends open source • Trump fact checked • Munich sees the light again • Microsoft's new terminal • GUI apps in WSL • Who dis?

New episode is out!

Interview with Mathieu, the Lutris developer • Short and sweet.

New episode is out 🗣

Fosa in Focus • Fresh Fedora • Viva Vivaldi • Modernized Manjaro • Organized in OnlyOffice • Ready RetroPie • I'll stop now...

New episode is out:

The return of the Heron • QT - fork it, maybe? • Phosh so big and pure • Foliate your ebooks • Deepin in beta • Lightly Lemur • Support Joe • Stay safe and eat scones

New episode is out!

Rocco is not Shane • Linux journey • Desktops • Best tool for the job • Rocco's channels • Distros • Gear • Community • Social networks • Browsers • Doom Hypothetical • Barracuda!

New episode is out!

_Stay safe • Goodies from System 76 • Alyx on Linux • Flåtpakked Fireføx • Librem Mini • Working from home • This is an Easter egg._

New episode is out!

Support Debian • Facebook sponsors OBS • New LibreOffice • Collabora on Android • Unity8 renamed to Lomiri • Interview with Artyom Zorin • Wally's right here.

New episode is out!
Korea might switch to Linux • App Center for everyone • OpenShot updated • No more Essential • UKUI switched to QT • Linux-only game store • How the podcast is made • Linux Gangnam Style

New episode is out!

Support the Document Foundation • Pine64 at FOSDEM • Regolith 1.3 • Manjaro and Kubuntu laptops • Godot gets paid • Zorin Grid • Wireguard in the kernel • Thunderbird under MZLA • Ubi Linux, ibi patria, ibi libertas

New episode is out!

With an extra @thelinuxEXP • Support @mozilla • Apps streaming • Apps leaving • Mozilla layoffs • Nextcloud Hub from @nextcloud • Non! Au contraire! Nous descendons!

New episode is out!
Linux in 2020 • Tech in 2020 • Librem 5 • Office snap • The toilet roll always falls the sunny side down

New episode is out!

This time we recorded with Mark and Wayne from the Binary Times:
2+3=00000101 • Windows 7 is dead (soon), long live Linux • The Linux product • All our single boards • A hardware named desire • Ctrl-Alt-Delete-Repeat

This is the last episode of the season, we'll be back at some point in the new year 🎄

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