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Après redhat voici suse au Luxembourg

Première tentative de . C'est OK, mais il manque de l'assaisonnement (un truc, je ne sais pas dire quoi)

Oh no the bug where the sending notification does not go away is a heisenbug /o\ #tuskydev

This is huge. Russia’s unelected government is afraid of communications it can’t monitor, so it tries to shut down Telegram. Telegram moves to AWS and Google Cloud. Russia BLOCKS both services.

Almost nothing works in Russia’s internet right now. Banks, shopping, small business. twitter.com/ow/status/98616044 … #nextcloud

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@gme Yep, I'm a FreeBSD ports developer // on the core (portmgr) team.

I've spent the afternoon trying to package something (Go+Rust) that has so many layers deep in the developer's build framework of expecting to be able to fetch data from the internet and from Github/Crates.io that there's clearly no end in sight.

Proper cleanroom build environments like FreeBSD uses for packaging requires everything be provided with the application source code and no internet access be available during build time.

Sadly this is completely incompatible with modern workflows. You end up chasing down thousands of dependencies by hand, trying to get them all in the right place for the build, and just when you think you've solved the problem the build process runs a command that expects to be able to query a website.

Fucking insanity, man.

#LibreOffice #sachezle

Dans LibreOffice, quand vous exportez un PDF, vous avez la possibilité d'inclure le document LibreOffice original DANS le PDF.

L'avantage ?
Tout le monde peut lire le document (c'est un PDF), mais vous pouvez aussi le ré-ouvrir dans LibreOffice pour l'éditer !

Pratique également pour archiver des documents à long terme: Pas besoin d'avoir 2 fichiers.

Lors de l'export PDF, cochez juste la case « PDF hybride (fichier ODF incorporé) »

🇬🇧 We thank @Qwant for its financial support to our project!

🇫🇷 Nous remercions @Qwant pour son soutien financier à notre projet !


Cette nuit j’ai rêvé que Firefox s’appelait en fait Framafox et je dois dire que c’était pas génial hein.