🇮🇳 Mastodon: What Is It and Why Is It Gaining Popularity? - gadgets.ndtv.com/social-networ

> While Mastodon has potential, it still has a long way to go, before it can be considered as a platform that can topple Twitter. The homepage is littered with multi-lingual posts in varied languages, and while the local tab does bring in some relatability, it isn't as well rooted as Twiiter is – yet.

Just sort out by language, dude.

#mastodon #india #twitter


@dada ironique ;) au temps que je sache c'est le désert quand tu t'inscris, obligé de follow pour avoir un fil, du coup le blah a propos de "c'est un mélange de langues", beeeen, comment dire. Bref :)

@m8t Les gens ont la mémoire sélective, visiblement !

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