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I accidentally hit a picture in the Google Captcha thing that wasn't of a crosswalk, but it still let me through.

sooooo to anyone who gets hit by a self-driving car while walking in a crosswalk, sorry that's on me.

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Apparement mettre "les utilisatrices/ les développeuses" dans une conf c'est soit être trollesque, soit être de l'ultra féminisme à deux balles. J'étais là seule femme oratrices à cette conf et le publique était 90% masculin. Diversité dans le web, y a des progrès.

So I started thinking about hosting my own themed instance.

Then I got lost in the hosting possibilities.

Then I got ideas about things (like what if you could link a Patreon-like plateform to a hosting provider so everybody on your instance can easily contribute and also make sure the money is spent as expected?)

Then I looked at

Now I'm even more lost

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if you're not part of the solution you're part of the precipitate send toot

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Yes I use Tumblr.

T bizarre
U decentralized
M and
B federated
L social
R media
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Est-ce que je dois gueuler sur mon FAI si je constate que le débit était 30 fois supérieur avec sa clé 4G que depuis que la fibre est installée ?

Ou bien je néglige certains paramètres ?

Je teste depuis la même machine, connectée en wifi dans les deux cas.

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woke up more than 1h earlier today

and it was easier than usual ? HOW ?

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@CallaLoco hi !

I see a lot of nudity in the images you post.
It's perfectly fine, but would you mind use a Content Warning for future posting ? You could use terms as "nudity" or "NSFW", and it would hide image by default to users, so they can reveal it by themselves, if they want to (in case you didn't already know)

Have a nice day :)

Weird how often I favourite posts to at least notify I've seen them, to acknowledge them.

Is it just me ?

If not, either a lot of people are wrongly using this feature, or maybe there is a lack of a feature somehow ?

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i haven't drawn anything in ages but i'm back baby

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Tired : villani memes
Wired : jamy memes


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