me: Ugh, why implement your own framework, just use a reliable, community-approved one

also me: .. and if I use those 2 redstone torches and a few dirt blocks, I can make my own redstone repeater ! And it's backward compatible !!

Article: "Les best practices des business angels pour une bonne gouvernance"

Moi: *ne clique pas*

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je ne vais pas remercier quelques uns en particulier mais toi, ou toi, qui participe d'une façon ou d'une autre. Depuis la création à son utilisation pour tous, d'un logiciel libre.
MERCI ! ❤️ ❤️ 💙 💚

valentine's day poem, with a twist Show more

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"Les chaises musicales" was the first Battle Royale game 😤

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systemd is so controversial because it's short for "system dog", and a lot of linux folks are cat people

Honestly I think Amazon could become a way better company with a few small tweaks:
1. Do not exist
2. Done

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me: uh yeah look at that football size ! And you're playing with jumping cars ! That game must very easy to play.

me, in my first online game, after going through the whole tutorial:

try {
throw new ManuException("badum-tss");
} catch(Exception e) {
// Manu Katché

<p class="eiffel-65" id="im" style="color: blue;"> Da Ba Dee </p>

me *at a fancy restaurant*:

Ah! Feels good to eat really good food with those really odd forgotten vegetables.

Also me, the same day:
Ah yes bad quality cheese dipped in another bad cheese is the best

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