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Yeah your «Sequoia» is great, but have you heard of BiNaRy TrEeS

Programming is weird.

It's about technology but also we have trees.

Except all trees grow downway ??

Thanks for coming to my tech talk

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Électro-Encéphalogramme du cul

just randomly faving and commenting on everything I seen in my TL right now

blague, pol 


more like

La République, mais En Moche

Losing my religion - R.E.M.

ou comme on dit dans le jargon


Almost understood a German pol meme

Thx for coming to my 🅱️ed talk

Do you answer to polls ?

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Click here to sign my digital petition to merge halloween and valentine's day into one holiday where you smooch all ghosts

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Quitting Facebook is harder than exiting vim

Is there a HTTP code for "Good gateway" ? They're doing a great job most of the time and nobody tell them

Les bots mastodon c'est vraiment pratique quand il pleut sur le fediverse

poop, le grand final de cette série de blague 

:drake_dislike: le caca
:drake_like: le cucul

🎤 ✋

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