@manawyrm You could look into old Devolo hardware off ebay... They seem to have built somethink like what you need some time ago:


Hotel Schlafgut uses them to connect the WLAN APs via their tv coax cabling. 😉

@pyropeter @manawyrm I think we just threw a bunch of Ethernet over coax stuff away but might find another bit in the office next week to see how the product is called. I think it was around 100Mbit/s

@nicoduck @pyropeter With a bit more tweaking I was able to bring it to ~100 MBit/s. But that seems to be the limit for now...

@manawyrm How about using directional / hybrid couplers to split, attenuate and rejoin TX, but keep RX (mostly) unattenuated? Also directional couplers can be designed to act at impedance matching network.

Also consider the fact, that this could be turned into a multidrop topology, akin to old-school coax thinwire Ethernet.

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