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issue 182 | Full Circle Magazine

This month:
* Command & Conquer
* How-To : Python, Blender and Latex
* Graphics : Inkscape
* Everyday Ubuntu : Ubuntu Software Centre
* Micro This Micro That
* Review : Kubuntu 22.04
* Review : Fedora 35
* Review : Ebook Readers
* My Story : Calibre
* Ubports Touch
* Ubuntu Games : Catie in Meowmeowland
plus: News, The Daily Waddle, Q&A, and more.

Si toi aussi tu veux te faire ton propre dildo DIY :rabbit_vib: , voici le super guide de @starkatt

have fun !

Cocksmithing: a guide to crafting professional-quality silicone dildos at home

Dites les gensses, j'ai besoin d' #aide, voici ma #question :
je cherche un outil simple à utiliser et permettant de créer des formulaires (genre quiz et autres) à héberger moi-même (impératif), libre naturellement autant que faire se peut.
Alors oui y'a Yakform (ex Framaform) mais je ne la sens pas l'install.
Sinon quoi d'autres du coup ?

merci et RT :retootPlz: 🖖🏼

N'oubliez pas que Github Copilot va se servir dans les dépôts ouverts pour apprendre. Quelles sont les risques de plagiats et de trouver du code open source dans des projets fermés sans contrôle.

Fermer vos dépôts GitHub !

GitHub Copilot is generally available to all developers | The GitHub Blog

We’re making Copilot, an pair programmer that suggests code in your editor, ....

LinkWarden is a self-hosted, open-source bookmark + archive manager to collect, and save websites for offline use.

Immich - High-performance self-hosted backup photos/videos from your mobile phone (kinda like a Google Photos replacement)

Une collection d'erreurs en expliquée et corrigée

BashPitfalls - Greg's Wiki

This page is a compilation of common mistakes made by bash users. Each example is flawed in some way.

Conquer Your Daemons or Command Them — Total War: WARHAMMER III now available on Linux | Feral News

Total War: WARHAMMER III, the cataclysmic conclusion to the sweeping WARHAMMER trilogy is now available for Linux!

MathLibre Project is a project to archive free mathematical and free mathematical documents and offer them on Live system. You can experience a wonderful world of opensource mathematical software systems.

The Ultimate Oldschool PC Font Pack: Font Index

These are the original character sets provided with the IBM PC line (PC, XT, PCjr, AT, PS/2, etc.) in hardware or firmware, and with official add-on products from IBM, such as graphics adapters and certain versions of DOS. Naturally, they were also duplicated by a huge number of 3rd-party hardware manufacturers.

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