@dansup Alright, thanks. Is there a way to see which of the instances are quick to upgrade to the latest version? The list shows what version they are on now but what I'm interested in is if they historically have upgraded quickly to make an informed choice.

@dansup sweet! Would it be possible to get in invited to pixelfed.social?

@valere Thank you! No worries, I reached out to Keybase and they confirmed that the Mastodon serves do not have to do anything. Keybase will add support for every server that is >2.8! Thank you and have a great holiday!

@valere it seems like I cannot add my hostux identity to Keybase yet for some reason, is there something that needs to be done on the server for it to show up? here's the info from Keybase. keybase.io/blog/keybase-proofs

Mastodon is evolving, a lot has happened since I first tested it out. v2.7.4 is pretty slick.

@ajbw nah, looks like they are kind of holding off for now, waiting to see how things play out. cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/ryanmay

WOOT WOOT Mastodon! I'm mikaelf on twitter.


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