So Firefox 57 came out, am using it for almost 2 hours and heck it's fast ⚡️ – apart from JIRA, using JIRA feels as slow as ever. 🙄

So Twitter now has 280 chars to express oneself… and here we got 500… are we expressing that much more? =D

Amazon Key – what could possible go wrong?
omg ze humanity.

Alright. As I need to return to my wife and kids, that also means: internet-fun-time is over for now. =D

Have a nice evening/day/weekend y'all and be reading you Monday the latest. <3

Hopefully I get some time to read a bit on how to use this Mastodon-Thingy a bit better and make it more useful than looking at anime-pictures by @safebot while working.

Alright, so much for profile data… name, about, avatar.
This all feels very familiar. =)

Heya everyone, thanks for the “hellos” and “welcomes”! First time I'm on Mastodon – at all. So I'll be on the quiet side for the time being and look around and see what's in this for me!

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