Are there any .onion Mastodon instances, and would it be possible for a normal instance to federate with a tor based Mastodon instance?

I'm guessing the answer is no, but now I want to know how hard that would be to do...

It's shameful that Valve talks up Google's development and analytics tools at every opportunity, loudly complains about non-Play-Store distribution of Android apps, and deliberately ties themselves so deeply into the settings to see ChromeOS die off in favour of improved benefits, if only for recent hardware models.

Surprise - we've extended our end-of-year fundraiser!

Now you get 5 extra days to help us create better software for you. You can support us by donating or by spreading the word about the campaign.

Big thanks to everyone who already contributed 💙

Another 2018 anniversary: There has now been a so-called "lost decade" in economics terms. The Great Recession started a decade ago, and recovery never arrived, except for the oligarch class who own at least half of everything. We still have austerity conditions and continuing cuts in public spending. The main growth industries are food banks and Patreon.

I need to get better at replying to the right toot to keep with chronology.

@jjg @privatepenguin And for what its worth if you want KDE to be more stable in Debian, the packaging team really could use help. This is from 2014 but I don't think its improved

On nous vend vraiment de l’#IPA à toutes les sauces 🤢

To all our friends and supporters, partners and patrons, users, contributors and Free Software community members - we wish you a happy and prosperous 2018!

Thanks to everyone who shared and liked our posts, commented on our stories, helped us spread the news about KDE, and donated to our end-of-year fundraiser 💙

You made 2017 wonderful. Here's to an even better 2018 🍻




I feel like we need new nomenclature around class. Like, what is middle class now? And rich can mean rich, the one percent, or the 0.1%, which are very, very far from each other in dollar terms

@cypnk Yeah, that sort of thing is standard here.

You buy a SIM card with a "video" package that gives you all-you-can-eat video on their provider of choice, but everything else costs extra, and rates are high. Or "social" or whatever.

Unbundled data SIMs end up being almost unusable because the caps are so low and you have to keep buying more BW all the time. Or at least I did.

It's so bad I actually just roam on a SIM from the U.K. all the time. It's cheaper and better service.

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