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Et les disquettes de Windows 3.0

Goupil, la marque française de PC qui a disparue. ^^

Current status: reading datasheets for cellular radio modules.

Waste of a Saturday morning, but the good news is:

- on and offsite baks are working perfectly via cron, ssh and rsync as they have for years.

- I had a spare box I could have had her up on with restored files, email and peripherals within a couple of hours

- I even had another contingency plan after/instead of that

- The new boxes I'm buying will all be linux with maybe 2 mswindows vm's, so I can sleep better.

- events like this remind them why I'm on retainer every month :-)

I think we should use when asking for tech support to make it easier for people to find and help solve puzzles.

What the hell is going on? All of a sudden I can't open my file manager in Ubuntu MATE. Whenever I try, it interprets that as opening a bunch of audio files in Clementine instead. A restart did nothing to help.


This joke got me kicked for racism. Is this racist? What is another name for krav-maga?? Show more

Equifax piraté : 143 millions de victimes

Google abuse-t-il de son pouvoir pour nuire à ses détracteurs ?

Hello :)

New to Mastodon :) I've created an account where I started publishing daily cyberpunk themed flash fiction & poetry. (it's @loveisanalogue )

Having done this I started understanding the federation thing a bit more, and I found

I like the local timeline here better. I could move the account here. But I've already posted things there and some people are following me.

Maybe having two accounts is better, so people who want to follow the flash fiction only can do that without having to read my other posts. (And then I could boost the flash fiction here, or is that a misuse of multiple accounts?)

What do other people do? Thanks :)


@privatepenguin Did not contribute to Torvalds' salary, so got burned by him verbally?

Microphones and human ears don't have the same audible range and it can be used to exploit virtual assistants. Disable voice activation now.

♲ @Kate Crawford ( Meanwhile, a new attack uses ultrasonic commands to make Siri & Alexa do anything, but no human can hear it.

Facebook has the nearly most vicious political discourse I've ever seen. All under real names.

That PA "anonymous" theory of creating jackasses isn't looking too good these days.

"Our technology is haunted by demons controlled by transhuman life forms"

"From Dieselgate to Wannacry to HP's sleazy printer ink chicanery, we are increasingly colonized by demon-haunted things controlled by nonhuman life-forms (corporations) that try to trick, coerce or scare us into acting against our own best interests.

"These devices go to great length to hide their workings from us, making them the ideal host organisms for opportunistic malware infections."

That is so weird: i'm proxied through Munich and Google keeps giving me french (fine, the more non-english the merrier), but it doesn't make any sense. If I enter e.g. montrer mon emplacement? It shows me munich.
I'm going to kill this ssh port map and try my other vps (also in munich) to see if it decides i'm german again :-)
Too weird.