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For everyone new or having a hard time with Mastodon instances here's a way I like to use to explain it to my friends using Harry Potter:

Think of Mastodon as Hogwarts and every instance is a house (Gryffindor, Slytherin, etc).

Every house has their common room (the one with the painting) where only the people of that house interact, here we call that room the Local Timeline.

But all houses can interact with each other in the dinning room, here it would be the Federated / Network Timeline.


Having my first mental breakdown in my whole developer career.

Mom's bad health, being his nurse so no sleep, missing all files of one the big projects right before the meeting with a director, being now responsable of the whole dev team and needing to create the whole workflow.

I did think I was able to handle all of it but am starting to fail...

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Next week my new feature phone will arrive!
Am excited to try to live smartphone free but if this works am gonna need to buy a camera.

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#Goldfish is a brand new project created by @stux as a FOSS replacement for platforms like TikTok & Vine.

Development has started a few days ago and the first rought draft is online at

The platform is build in Laravel from scratch and the plan is to also add ActivityPub so it can connect with the Fediverse in the future.

Our git repo will be updated when a good first version is done ✅

We also have a Patreon page for the project! Hopefully I can spend many many more hours on it's development ❤️

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What religion do you follow?

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Wanna follow along with @gitea #forge federation support? One of the most exciting efforts for the future of fedi, where @forgefed #ActivityPub extension is implemented and #NLnet #NGI0 provided funding to speed the R&D.

Do you wanna help and contribute? Check out the #Github issue that tracks the overall status:

And join the #matrix chatrooms to see all the details discussed:

And go to @forgefriends forum

I reeeeally wanna try but I feel like buying a whole new phone it's too much (The only one supported is a Pixel) and the one I have already does everything I need... 🤔

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If you like #Spotify and wants a login-free alternative to listen to #music, this website plays it using Invidious instances with a similar Spotify UI

🔗 :

Having a hard time changing the way of authentication in some apps. Who knew that Windows Auth didn't work on Linux based containers... :facepalm:

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LinkWarden is a self-hosted, open-source bookmark + archive manager to collect, and save websites for offline use.

Is it werid that all media loads faster in Husky instead of Tusky?

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