So......taxes, mutual aid, however we think about it... we need to build places which are free to use and which some folks who can pay for them pay for.

We should do our best to build spaces where people can share things like their art and writing. And help people save copies of that stuff.

Owning your shit is expensive & can be complex. So. Let's not shame folks for not doing that. Let's help where we can. Let's fund what we can. And let's hang out and make great shit together.

Keep it simple, make it general, and make it intelligible.

Malcolm Douglas McIlroy

finally someone has stop twitting 🌤️ I send my best wishes ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

The first week of our #openbsd manpage-reading starts on Monday, in two days - join us!

The manpages for this week are:

* Monday: afterboot(8)
* Tuesday: syspatch(8)
* Wednesday: intro(8)
* Thursday: security(8)

Grab your favorite medium (you can even print them out, it's fun!), read through it, tell us what you learned by using #manpagedaily afterwards!

Pro tip: the best way to prevent Google from scanning your emails is to stop using Gmail and then convince everyone you know to also stop using Gmail.

@romanzolotarev brought up the fact that by reading through the manpages of #openbsd for a year (or another, quite reasonable, timespan) you could get a pretty good grasp of the operating system.

So .. who would be down for a reading group? (feel free to boost this as much as possible)

Finally the replacing arrived. Now I can turn off the rack mount cabinet from bed again. 🐨

Applied for a vmd(8) container with @OpenBSDAms — My main motivation is that part of the payment goes to support the #OpenBSD project. If my application is accepted I would host my personal website from there, maybe some other small services.

Many thanks to @OpenBSDAms for its patience. Now it's time to play with new toy :)

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