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Hello, I'm Rufus, , I like , , Looking forward to meet new interesting people.
Among others you can find me on Github and Hackernews where I reuse the same pseudo.
Happy to be around, cheers.

SourceHut donated €1,000 to PeerTube for their v3 efforts, you can help too:

Peertube has launched a campaign for Peertube V3!

Please consider to donate so they can ship this release, with new features (like livestreaming!!)

#peertube #fediverse

It is quite apparent that the internet needs to move away from #cloudflare
I ran an #tor exitnode for a few hours (mostly for testing combined with a miss in config) and now does cloudflare prompt me with a #captcha every, single, minute.

Do youself and your user a favour, and move away from cloudflare


Just finished the slides for my SambaXP talk, too bad it's virtual this year, I'd have liked to visit Goettingen


A new account about the better-than-you-think reality of Africa today, created by a young African AI scientist in the US,



The following is a statement from NBA Chief Communications Officer Mike Bass:



: Up and Running—learn how to develop real-world applications, create and run a simple cluster, and more in this O’Reilly e-book:


Pas mal peutchi


J'ai fait une blague sur les magasins.
Mais elle n'a pas supermarché...


Je #recrute ASAP un #développeur sénior qui a d'excellentes bases système, pour bosser sur un produit de sécurité basé sur de l'#OSS. Il faut aimer mettre le nez dans le kernel #Linux, utiliser des syscall dont personne de raisonnable n'a entendu parler, trifouiller de la conf système et réseau, se prendre le chou avec des problématiques de développement sécurisé.

On kiffe le #Go et le #Rust et on commence à en mettre partout. On utilise énormément #Python.

Télétravail OK, bureaux à Paris.

Did you know that Mastodon is only part of the fediverse?

For example, you can share and comment videos on PeerTube :

Similarly, there is Pleroma, another microblogging tool that allows you to share with Mastodon:

And even Funkwhale a social platform to enjoy and share music :

You will find information on the Fediverse on:

cc @DilliDurAst

Streaming under quarantine doesn't have to involve . Check out our highlights from the DRM-free Guide here, and share with your friends and family!

I wonder what Richard Stallman thinks about all what Microsoft is doing right now

A friend of mine recently wrote about getting up and running with Android development without having to install massive, bloated, and ridiculous Android Studio

Just discovered this tool to createAnki's flashcards from Kindle's one neat, now the only thing remaining is something to import clippings, maybe I'll write my own.

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