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Just released our 0.5.2 build (Jan 2021) - working on monthly releases moving forward!

Some highlights:
- Vim-navigable explorer, search, symbols
- Word-wrap
- Improved fuzzy-finding w/ fzy
- Initial auto-update infrastructure
- Keyword completion

More: patreon.com/posts/45931176

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I waited 2 years for this, rewrote impacket for this, asked cryptographers to remake algos in python for this, spent enormous time of my life to make this happen. and it's finally here this finally works and I can't find the words to express my satisfaction.

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Onivim 2 is cool, still some rough edges (mainly found them with splits) but it's cool

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completely forgot that I support Onivim 2's development on Patreon, let's give the latest build a shot

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Implementing some programs yourself is really a way to show that you have what it takes to be a "real" programmer. I've been working on a simple Shell, still need to implement some built-ins function but yeah...


Finished? My shell github.com/psh by adding built-in functions and printing the working directory. Definitely an interesting journey ...

22) man

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My Top 21 CLI tools for 2021

1.) git
2.) cd
3.) curl
4.) cat
5.) ssh
6.) bundle
7.) dig
8.) history
9.) grep
10.) ls
11.) brew
12.) awk
13.) docker
14.) kill
15.) killall
16.) rm
17.) docker-compose
18.) aws
19.) whois
20.) ping
21.) @ohmyzsh@twitter.com

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People who don't close their tabs at the end of the workday, couple questions: 1) why? 2) how do you live with yourselves?

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"In Summer 2017, @autogradelinux@twitter.com announced the first ever vehicle to use AGL in production, which was the @toyota@twitter.com Camry."

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Welcoming Dan Cauchy of @autogradelinux@twitter.com to the Keynote Stage at Open Source Summit Japan + Automotive Linux Summit 2020. View the schedule: bit.ly/34DD6pH. Register: bit.ly/3iq0QT5

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"Releasing this month is something we are calling LFX - a set of tools that allows you to work within your communities to create more secure, more reliable and better software for downstream consumption."

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We're LIVE! Welcome to Open Source Summit Japan + Automotive Linux Summit. We'll be live tweeting the keynotes here - follow along and add and to your tweets! View the schedule: bit.ly/34DD6pH. Register: bit.ly/3iq0QT5

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Date a JavaScript developer, they Promise to Callback.

You might have to Await a while, but they’ll Callback. It’s a Promise.

If this doesn’t Console you, I don’t know what will. 🤷‍♂️

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Join me at @linuxfoundation@twitter.com Open Source Summit

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Arrêtez d'envoyer les .docx aux gens, c'est pénible à lire

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