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Comparing the Sizes of Microorganisms Up to 1mm

Pour ceux qui sont sous MacOS, scrcpy est maintenant disponible sur homebrew:
brew install scrcpy

Vivement un paquet Debian :)

> That's not "an idea".
> That is either genius, or a seriously diseased mind.
> I can't quite tell which.


I added expermental "audio forwarding" to scrcpy (an app I wrote to display and control Android devices) :

Concretely, in addition to see and control your device from your computer, the device sound is also played on the computer speakers.

The feature is Linux-only for now.

Feedbacks welcome ;-)

> Les gendarmes sont arrivés sur les lieux et et ont évacué les clients. *Un lieutenant-colonel de gendarmerie s’est échangé contre un otage*. Il avait laissé son téléphone « ouvert » sur une table, afin de faciliter l’assaut.
> […]
> Le lieutenant-colonel qui avait pris la place d’un otage a été également blessé.

Wow, courageux le lieutenant-colonel!

EU wants to require platforms to filter uploaded content (including code)

Scrcpy (an app I developed at Genymobile) may now display and control Android devices over "adb connect" (wirelessly).