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Symbian Source Code leaked - Final version

This was IMHO the best OS before Android showed up.

Lots of people including myself tweaked it a lot and it had potential, only the source was missing at that time.


The same shisensho-style game from two Chinese GNU/Linux distributions. Both are original and GPLed.

Left: RedFlag Linux 4.0 (5.0?), 2005.
Right: Deepin, 2022.

got fedora working with phytium laptop as well... the only pitfall is fedora has all of the firmware blobs compressed, which is not supported by Linux Kernel 4.19.


They are also not advertising their product as "Linux", just "Kylin Desktop/Server Operating System".


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Kylin (the Chinese GNU/Linux distribution affiliated with the same military university which developed the phytium soc) has renamed the Linux Kernel to "kylin" and not releasing their modified source code, which is in violation of GPL.


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In May Newsletter: 46 entities support the right to install any software on any device. FSFE's transparency in public procurement app gets to EU Datathon finals ⭐ Italian FSFE volunteers prepare tour. Zurich group promotes federated social networks.


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i find it funny how the christian right-wing are always like "we must ban abortion because life begins in the womb" when their own fucking bible says life begins at the first breath (Genesis 2:7)

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Fedora Linux 36 is GO for release next Tuesday!

another 'interesting' trivia:

their linux kernel driver has a GPLv3 header, even if it contains a big binary-only .o blob.


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pay open source maintainers.

in this case, pay kode54 who maintains shitloads of emulation/multimedia libraries: gofundme.com/f/help-me-pay-off

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Daily reminder that if you make all your decisions based on Telemetry, your decisions will be biased towards the type of user who didn't remember to turn it off.
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Today the FSFE publishes an #OpenLetter, co-signed by 38 European organisations and companies to ask #European legislators for the universal right to install any software on any device, including full access to hardware: fsfe.org/news/2022/news-202204

#Ecodesign #RightToRepair #FreeSoftware #UpcyclingAndroid

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Now that Elon Musk is buying Twitter it's time to make it be free software and decentralized.

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With Elon Musk purchasing Twitter, our recommendations for the site remain the same: give users more security, privacy, and control, so it matters less who’s running the ship. ​​eff.org/deeplinks/2022/04/twit

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📅 Only one week left to show our love for #FreeSoftware on the #ilovefs day.

Take a look at this year's celebration, and join us in the great activities that we have for you: ilovefs.org

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Stop using "Zoom" as a general term for video conferencing.
Stop using "Google" as a general term for searching the web.

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