Now that is about to close, I will have to think hard wether jumping ship to a real self-hosted social will do. Actually, now that I think about it, I might even want to install it on my shared webhost as not to disturb my "production" nextcloud and serve from the same domain...

Congratulations for releasing ! Looking forward to explore it, once it lands in testing.

Thinking about it, I wonder if I should try to set my password to:

pwd');DROP TABLE password;

All credits to

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Dear Sagepub.

You are morons, the **not strong enough** password in question was: '(gH{z.,=%?p!Va/6"D'

Worst of all, DOES not accept the same password as It only accepts 20 chars long passwords. 1) Why that, if you are storing my full-length password in cleartext you are doing something wrong! 2) If you only want 20 chars make your webform only accept 20 chars, that saves you and me time.

Public service announcement, I will scale down my involvement in gnome-passwordsafe.

“The ship of democracy, which has weathered all storms, may sink through the mutiny of those on board.”
-Grover Cleveland, President of the USA

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I shared the post I made on HackerNews that hit #1 on reddit just now. It talks about the Google Play censorship of Fediverse apps. If anyone is interested check out the post, good to get as much exposure as we can about this topic.

#reddit #fediverse #mastoadmin #google

And for the next 4 weeks, gitlab will host a .deb for Debian bullseye at

Just bear with me, it is still pretty bare bones and crude :-) @mobian

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I started a new project: , a mobile manager geared towards mobile screens, reading .kdbx (Keepass) files, and building on gtk. It scratches my it on my @mobian . Password Safe inspired it, and I submitted a few patches and merge requests, but without any reply. So, I decided to reinvent the wheel (as I did not feel comfortable with a forked codebase either). (not a lot of functionality yet).

@pfefferle great work on your WP plugin. Just @Liberapay 'd you a little as a token of gratitude.
I am looking for a WP plugin that let's me subscribe to other accounts and shows these in my WP feed. But essentially this would make WP another mastodon... :)

Nee, jetzt wird das Anschalten von WhatsApp Web nach physischem Zugriff aufs Handy echt als 'Zugriffsmethode' dargestellt? ....

Liebe @EasyJet, aus den 5 Minuten prognostizierter Wartezeit an der Hotline sind jetzt schon 3x 20Min geworden ohne dass jemand abhebt. Jemand zuhause?

Messenger: Schleswig-Holstein will Matrix-Chat für Verwaltung

Yes, es gibt doch Vernunft. Danke @JanAlbrecht

How Big Tech Makes Their Billions

Interesting breakdown of the sources of revenue for big tech companies...

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The #Jitsi meet app in F-Droid should be updated to the latest version by tomorrow!

Good luck to everyone doing remote work at this time.

looking like this, geared towards videoconferences. How does you look like?

Celebrating national with a cappuccino just opposite the London Royal Courts of Justice.

Ihr seid super @Crocodiles_HH ! Auch wenn es wegen Loch im Eis nur kurz war! 4:2! Foto von Oliver Späth.

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