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If you like butterflies there will be soon the opening of the "Casa delle farfalle" in Rome.

I went there last summer, it's a little hot and wet, but it worths a visit.

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Is there a federated timeline in ?
Is there a way to follow people of other pixelfeed's ?


They should really make a book out of this... CIA owned secret crypto company in Switzerland that countries all over the world used for protecting intelligence.

there's this elitist idea I find a lot with some leftists I used to know, none of fedi, that you shouldn't shop around in the 'supermarket of ideology' and that changing your mind and saying no I now think X over Y in terms of different strands of leftism is bad. I hate that idea, change your mind as much as you fucking like, reevaluating things after having learnt something new is important as hell and why should we ever not encourage people spending their time to learn new things by attacking those who don't dogmatically double down on a 'brand' for themselves. forcing people to stay in their 'roles' instead of allowing them to grow is just making leftism into a personal aesthetic you chose than a developing understanding of the world and evaluations in it

I have just discovered the free music composition and notation software, it seems fine for my purposes, I can write simply backing tracks quickly and create tablature for guitar.

Tesla remotely disables Autopilot on used Model S after it was sold - Tesla says the owner can’t use features it says ‘they did not pay for’. Welcome to the world where you no longer own things.

I've an alternative account, I can't follow it from this one, it seems that it's not allowed. Maybe it depends from the email address, I used the same email for both the account.
Do you have any idea to solve the problem?

Somebody is creating virtual traffic jams on Google Maps by lugging around Android smartphones in a handcart.

„99 second hand smartphones are transported in a handcart to generate virtual traffic jam in Google Maps.Through this activity, it is possible to turn a green street red which has an impact in the physical world by navigating cars on another route to avoid being stuck in traffic. „

La Stampa che pubblica un video allarmista sul coronavirus montanto con scene di gente a caso che sviene in Cina. Giusto per ribadire che tutta la menata sulla battaglia alle fake news, i filtri preventivi, le proposte di censura nella realtà sarebbero solo modi per scegliere chi ha diritto di produrre stronzate e quali devono circolare

Looking for fediverse instances. 

Terry Jones of Monty Python passed away. John Cleese had a comment that made me laugh:
“It feels strange that a man of so many talents and such endless enthusiasm, should have faded so gently away…. Two down, four to go.”
–John Cleese, on Terry Jones

Found this on the ground this morning near Hackescher Markt

If anyone knows Christina from Berlin and Christina wants it back, let me know :BoostOkay:

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