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Political crisis in Bulgaria sparks protests and outrage | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 14.07.2020 –

I bought some compact disks at this morning, I spent about 54 €.
The same disks at cost 85 €.
I don't know why there're these differences.

Project Gutenberg è di nuovo accessibile dall'italiano.
Approfitto per segnalare anche Liber Liber, raccolta di libri digitali liberi in Italiano.

Just playing with my new Zoom H2n, first impressions:
- good to record acoustic guitars, vocals and cymbals
- unuseful to record electric guitars directly in front of the amplifier
- if external conditions allow, good for field recordings, it needs a wind stopper.

Any advice for a good wind-stopper?

I have just discovered this site about avant-garde guitar music, I didn't know there were many Italian guitarists playing those kind of stuff.

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