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For butterflies lovers who'll be in Rome this spring 🦋:

La casa delle Farfalle
Rome Via Appia Pignatelli 450
From March 23 to June 9
Butterflies exhibition

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“Stop Blaming America’s Poor for Their Poverty”

“In #Japan, people work hard, few abuse drugs, crime is minimal and single mothers are rare. The country still has lots of poverty.”

#Shoplifters” won Palme d’Or at Cannes and people noticed the Japanese Prime Minister failed to call the director to congratulate them because well, none of the elite want to draw attention to the quiet crushing poverty of Japan.

Great film. Amazing twist.

Nobody should be surprised by this. Google is not specifically tracking "porn habits", it's specifically tracking ALL habits. If you're using a Google device, product, or service, Google is tracking anything and everything they can.

"Google may be tracking your porn habits and incognito mode won't help"

Hey folks, I'm looking for an alternative server to the official one. It's not easy to find a reliable matrix server honestly. Also I'd like it to have support to some bridges like IRC and Telegram maybe.
I'd like something that is not runned by a single individual or as a weekend project, but more like a community effort to which I might even contribute with some donations in case.

Can you help me getting oriented?

Boosts appreciated!

#matrix #privacy #server #chat


Sono tutti i posti che ho percorso.
Non so come far girare questa cosa, popolo di Twitter aiuto


Politics Italy 

un ottimo Guido Scorza: « Copyright, perché i veri sconfitti della riforma sono i cittadini (e non i giganti del web) » via @fattoquotidiano

Is it normal that toots in the public timeline aren't in chronological order?

I need a good advanced English grammar book, with exercises and keys, do you have any suggestions?
I have already two basic books, I need one with B2 and C1 topics.

For butterflies lovers who'll be in Rome this spring 🦋:

La casa delle Farfalle
Rome Via Appia Pignatelli 450
From March 23 to June 9
Butterflies exhibition

Yesterday I was at an exhibition on Andy Warhol and I found this stuff.
I didn't expect to see a thing like that in a pictures exhibition, but it was fun.

Just bought a pair of jeans at the local market, 2 € more than the online retails, but WTF, let's support the local market.

History, politics 

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