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Just bought a pair of jeans at the local market, 2 € more than the online retails, but WTF, let's support the local market.

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Searching for a tab of Jorma Kaukonen, I found this site:

There're lots of scores for classical and acoustic guitar players.
Have fun!

Request for the Italian Mastofriends:
Are there in Mastodon accounts of Italian newspapers or other news sources?

Due the heavy rains of last days, here in center of Italy, the internet mobile connection is awful.
Maybe I must read a book.

I have the same problem with 17.18.9, if I open a conversation, the app crashes.
Android 4.4.2

The bank was out of order and I wasted two hours in quee, the bus stop has changed and I lost my ride, very annoying :-(
I need a strong coffee or a beer.
Maybe the beer is the right choice :guinness:

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