I'm always here, I haven't had nothing of interesting to write in the last months. I'm becoming a mastolurker 😀
It has been to hot here to think 🌞

Hey folks, I'm looking for an alternative server to the official matrix.org one. It's not easy to find a reliable matrix server honestly. Also I'd like it to have support to some bridges like IRC and Telegram maybe.
I'd like something that is not runned by a single individual or as a weekend project, but more like a community effort to which I might even contribute with some donations in case.

Can you help me getting oriented?

Boosts appreciated!

#matrix #privacy #server #chat

Did you bring some food at the exam? Eating something with the testers improve the score 😊

We haven't fixed boundaries.
We have never thought about that. Things work naturally and they work fine. Limits are implicitly respected.

La vera differenza tra fascista ed antifascista sta in chi è favorevole al voto elettronico e chi no. Si possono fare brogli anche con il cartaceo, ma è molto più difficile.

Currently inflation rates are so low that even 10% is a big incresase.

Burocracy in Italy is the main reason of economic crisis, every idea you want to develop become extremely difficult, and that leads to corruption.

Here in Italy we are accostumed to weird applications of the law, but it's surprising that it happens in Sweden too.

Tech company mention 

Che il movimento operaio sia debole non c'è dubbio, ma non è necessaria la violenza esplicita per impedirne le rivendicazioni, il progressivo smantellamento dei diritti è in corso ormai da tempo senza nessuna reazione evidente. La violenza della finanza è più subdola.

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