Well for those following my rpi saga, it came today but my 4 year old microsd card has garbage write speeds. I'm going to go get a new one, and I ordered a gigabit network switch since all mine are apparently 10/100.

Super excited to get my rpi 4. Not excited to have to switch everything over to it though!

Star Trek Nemesis really isn't as bad as people say

@thomasboxley Sorry for making you angry! There's an issue open about this: gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/nautilu

Nobody has picked it up, but it looks like a great candidate for a first contribution to the Nautilus project.

#InstanceIntroduction Hello this is propane.digital, a Mastodon instance created for fans of the animated series King of the Hill.

Come on down and join us to discuss your favorite memories of Hank Hill and the gang, I tell you what.

In b4 "it's open source just code that in yourself"

When you create a new folder it automatically prompts you to name it. Why isn't there any consistency here. And this issue has been around for two and a half years at least.

And the accepted solution to this problem? Use the terminal. >:(

I am pissed off rn. Chilly, rainy morning ruined! The behavior of Nautilus when creating new files is goddamn ridiculous. I right click > New Document > Empty File. On any other OS it would then highlight the file and let me rename it. Not on . It just plops down a file called Empty File. Even doing the slow double click on the file like you can do on Windows doesn't let me rename it. Instead I HAVE to F2 it or right click > Rename.

Wish I could get modded Fallout 3 and New Vegas working on Linux.

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