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Oh man first thing to do when you get into the federated network is block

Killing my daughter to own the libs


the right wing is a death cult


Starfinder game tonight. Not looking forward to the ship combat <_<

Reading books is underrated. I'm glad I picked reading back up

These new Steam profile features are a lot of fun.

I wish I could synchronize my playlists between Plex and my desktop player.

Victory! The Indiana Supreme Court has found that the Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination protects against compelled unlocking of a phone, because complying with the order was a form of “testimony” under the Fifth Amendment.

Wow WWDC revealed nothing interesting whatsoever.

When Radiohead plays Everything in its Right Place live it's always a banger.

I registered myself and a guest to go to this Trump rally in Tulsa, just so there'd be two empty seats.

It bothers me that the best linux music player is called deadbeef

That's what this is going to be. A place where I post things while drunk.

This is my first experience with Mastodon and I'm liking it!

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