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I should have bought a second 4k monitor YEARS AGO

In an "On Second Thought" review in Stylus Magazine, writer Scott Plagenhoef found Chill Out to be "less a morning after and more the slow awakening to a new day" and an album which "slowly unfolds its charms".[18]

literally me

I'm not mad or elitist about any of these six new shows being produced, I just wish they were better than "meh"

Invited back to a discord server with some old friends; just another one to idle in.

every day i'm amazed that the ottomans fought both the byzantines and the united states

My Rise of the Runelords group hit level 11 last night. I've never had a game last this long.

Steam Remote Play Together works pretty damn well.

The worst thing that I ever did was what I did to you

I bought gin from a local micro-distillery to support them and it's absolutely god-awful. Very disappointing :(

boost if you sometimes feel like you have zero skills

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