What a candy ass country - they used to have balls - you know like lumberjacks and Mounties and those guys who smuggled our diplomats out of Iran. Now they are just like a bunch of sissies - you know - kind of like where the USA is going.
But the take away for a murderer would be - if you are going to do one - do a bunch - the max is the same.
So if someone was say doing a murder for hire deal would he be better off to do them all on the same day? Does that count as one deal?
Just saying.

Ball less f*???????
Often using strong wording to criticize the provisions introduced by the Conservatives, the justices wrote that it was unconstitutional to force a prisoner to wait longer than 25 years for parole eligibility.
This guy killed six people and wounded a bunch more and isn't it sweet that in Canada it's unconstitutional to make him wait more than 25 years for parole.

Hey I'm lost and kind if tired.......Are there any racing people here?


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