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Girls feet are a gift.

Trough their arches, one shall see why nature is a way better architect than any human being.

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Vous prendrez bien un peu d'excès de caricature ? La #Precarite tue, le #Capitalisme tue, le #Macronisme tue ! ASSASSINS

AI dungeon.
Nothing to say but that it is so dumb (yet technically impressive) that it is hence absolutely necessary to play it at least once.

PhD student problems :
Knowing what experiment to roll.
Not knowing which tool is best suited among hundreds. 🤦‍♂️

Getting back to work after a single week break is a pain in the ass.
Should've taken at least two 🙄

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Salut les Mammouths,
Je relance l'annonce pour un programmeur en #Rust (ou autre, merci de détailler) pour un temps plein de 2 à 3 mois en télétravail :
- réalisation d'une appli de sondages en P2P
Grosso modo, lancer un concurrent libre et décentralisé par rapport aux instituts de sondages traditionnels (dès les élections de mars 2021).

Le projet une fois terminé ira à la communauté.

Détails sur
Candidatures à lionel.aubert chez

Re-pouets appréciés 😉 merci

Probably the most pleasant game on the Playstation Vita.

Hard time with this console that was kinda stillbirth. Yet, there are a few games that are sooo worth.

I eventually received and painted my K-TCHAK which is a manual garden shredder 100% designed by and made by

It is 100% made in France, costs around 1900€ in its painted version (1700 for raw metal like mine)
Yet, it is a lifetime tool. And probably more than a lifetime.

Forgot to mention the rtx 2070 refresh, in case you need some GPU power either for your job, or for a gaming break :)

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