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Just a little reminder that you can freely use the two DoH endpoints proposed here to encrypt your DNS requests:

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Administro y todos los servicios en mi tiempo libre y con mis propios fondos. Si está satisfecho con los servicios y los utiliza regularmente, no dude en apoyarme en Liberapay.

Gestisco e tutti i servizi su base volontaria nel mio tempo libero e con fondi propri. Se siete soddisfatti dei servizi e li utilizzate regolarmente, non esitate a sostenermi su Liberapay.

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I manage and all the services on my free time and my own funds. If you are satisfied with the services and you use them regularly, don't hesitate to support me on Librerapay.

Je gère et l'ensemble des services sur mon temps libre et mes fonds propres. Si vous êtes satisfait des services et que vous les utilisez régulièrement, n'hésitez pas à me soutenir sur Liberapay.

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The services offered on

- - Mastodon
- - DoH DNS server
- - Cryptpad
- - xmpp server
- - disposable email addresses
- - RSS client
- - pastebin
- - Nextcloud
- - image hosting
- - password manager
- - Gitea

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🇬🇧 My mystery box is waiting to see how you're gonna fill it :

🇫🇷 Ma boîte mystère attend de voir comment vous allez la remplir :


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Coucou les m’mouths !

J’ai essayé d’illustrer l’expression "avoir les yeux plus gros que le ventre" sur mon chat...

Sorry 😬

After reaching a new milestone this weekend, and a saturation of the main server, I reviewed the infrastructure of the doh service of

It is currently composed of two servers in front, 3 backend servers and a backup server in case one of the backend has to come out of the load balancer .

This makes it possible to reach today's 60 million requests

If you use this service or another one I offer, don't forget that you can support it via

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"Admins get the ability to add rules for IP addresses and CIDR ranges, such as blocking all access, or requiring sign-ups to go through the approval process even if they're otherwise open."

A new feature that will make it possible to fight more effectively against spammer accounts? :mastodon_oops: :mastodon:

Unbound 1.12.0 is now available, offering DNS-over-HTTPS support, EDNS client tag functionality, DNS Flag Day 2020 compliance and inclusive language in the config.

Addition of two servers to quietly support the load rise and add resilience to the service.

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Just a little reminder that you can freely use the two DoH endpoints proposed here to encrypt your DNS requests:

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Est-ce qu'il y en a qui aime les Sims ici ?

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Nouvelles mesures contre le covid: L'île de la Réunion sera désormais appelée île de la Visioconférence.

More than 7 million requests in the last 24 hours on the anti-tracking and anti-advertising endpoints and as many on the unfiltered endpoint on the DoH/DNS server

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