I didn't even know an European beer's museum existed.

Is this local to you @valere ?

@paolo No, I am on the border of Luxembourg and Belgium, but I know this museum 😅 🍻

@valere Then we should organise a beer one day as I'm just around the corner, Esch area, or you could pop in our hacker space near Lux Gare when you are around. We've got Club Mate & beers 🍻

@paolo yeah with pleasure, I think @m8t is aware of your evenings


@m8t @paolo je me doutais que cette idée ne serait pas pour te déplaire :bloblewd:

@m8t That's a nice long holiday, see you next month then 🙂 @valere

@paolo @m8t unfortunately no, @djul and @kyk have already offered me a drink but I'm on holiday and unlike usual, it's a little difficult to move around, next time with pleasure

@valere What's this new fashion of nerds having holidays? ;-)
I'm around so whenever in town happy to have a beer.
@m8t @djul @kyk

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