Did you know that Mastodon is only part of the fediverse?

For example, you can share and comment videos on PeerTube :

Similarly, there is Pleroma, another microblogging tool that allows you to share with Mastodon:

And even Funkwhale a social platform to enjoy and share music :

You will find information on the Fediverse on:

cc @DilliDurAst

@vpt @DilliDurAst It is a decentralized network but not part of the fediverse, it does not use ActivityPub

@valere @DilliDurAst Hey you missed the biggest one of all #Pixelfed - Image sharing site which can be an alternative to #Instagram

@pavi @DilliDurAst It's true, I installed my own instance, which was one of the first ones, but I ended up giving up, not seeing the federation coming when unnecessary features were proposed and having had some disappointments during development. So you'll understand that I didn't want to quote him.

@valere Do you know that even before pixelfed had pixelfed <--> pixelfed federation you could follow a #pixelfed account from #pleroma or #mastodon.

@pavi I know, but when the developer decided to abandon Postgresql, which is fully supported by Laravel, I decided to close my instance and stop the costs... He changed his mind following this a priori, Postgreql is still supported...

@valere @DilliDurAst you missed pixelfed (, photo sharing like instagram

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