In order to preserve privacy of apartment dwellers, subway trains in Singapore block the view from passagers when they pass near residential buildings.

@valere Utilisé aussi pour les téléphériques urbains !

@valere Well there's no point in riding the trains then is there? Everyone studies the bedrooms of passing houses in vein hope.

@valere imagine having blinds or curtains in your windows

@wolf480pl @valere imagine not having your blinds and curtains closed 24/7, so light from outside can actually enter through a window.

@tokudan @valere
sounds terrible. The inside would get hot from the sun very quickly.

@valere _On ne fait pas passer de métro près d'habitations, on ne construit pas d'habitation près du métro...les PLU à 100% c un crime contre l'humanité...

@valere How much money did they spend to build those windows?

Can’t the apartment dwellers just use, you know, curtains???

@valere UK version: the train windows are scratched and filthy so the passengers can't see out anyway.

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