More than 7 million requests in the last 24 hours on the anti-tracking and anti-advertising endpoints and as many on the unfiltered endpoint on the DoH/DNS server

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Re: The DoT endpoint, I had set up my phone (Android Pie) to use as the private DNS, and it worked well for a time, but then the phone started saying it couldn't connect, so I swapped to another endpoint.

Is there still some issues with Android's implementation? Or was it an outage? I'm now using quad9 instead, and they mention issues where Android tells you it can't connect, even though it's connected, and wondered.

@PhotonQyv I will confess that I have not tested with an Android device.
Nevertheless, the service has undergone a few cuts to increase the server resources and a security reboot from the hosting provider.

I invite you to test again ;-)

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