New milestones reached in number of requests per day \o/

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Addition of two servers to quietly support the load rise and add resilience to the service.

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After reaching a new milestone this weekend, and a saturation of the main server, I reviewed the infrastructure of the doh service of

It is currently composed of two servers in front, 3 backend servers and a backup server in case one of the backend has to come out of the load balancer .

This makes it possible to reach today's 60 million requests

If you use this service or another one I offer, don't forget that you can support it via

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@nonetrix I didn't have the opportunity to test on Android, only doh, I try to test quickly

@valere Good morning :-) After breakfast, i guess, i will give it a try and set it up for our server....

@valere revends vite les logs à FaceBook Analytic !

@valere dans ce cas il s’agit juste d’un petit plugin compatible avec ton routeur.
Ça ouvre le SSL, ça regarde dedans puis ça referme.
Facebook Analytics se charge en suite que l’argent soit bien transféré sur un compte en banque luxembourgeois

@valere c'est bizarrement linéaire cette montée de nombres de requêtes 🤔
Il y en a qui ont branchés toutes leurs architectures sur ton DNS ?

@valere Hi! If i've understood it correctly, all DNS requests from are processed with Pi-hole, right? I'm interested in doing it for this server. I guess it could be installed in the same server?
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