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"Admins get the ability to add rules for IP addresses and CIDR ranges, such as blocking all access, or requiring sign-ups to go through the approval process even if they're otherwise open."

A new feature that will make it possible to fight more effectively against spammer accounts? :mastodon_oops: :mastodon:

Unbound 1.12.0 is now available, offering DNS-over-HTTPS support, EDNS client tag functionality, DNS Flag Day 2020 compliance and inclusive language in the config.

Addition of two servers to quietly support the load rise and add resilience to the service.

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Just a little reminder that you can freely use the two DoH endpoints proposed here to encrypt your DNS requests:

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Nouvelles mesures contre le covid: L'île de la Réunion sera désormais appelée île de la Visioconférence.

More than 7 million requests in the last 24 hours on the anti-tracking and anti-advertising endpoints and as many on the unfiltered endpoint on the DoH/DNS server

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Fediverse admin PSA 

Attention to #Mastoadmins

We are considering dropping support for host-meta and XRD support (inherited from GNU Social/OStatus) in next #Mastodon version, as the webfinger spec is enough and simpler.

As far as we know, no fediverse implementation relies solely on host-meta or XRD, so that wouldn't be a big change.

That being said, some deployments do (partly because of a guide I wrote ages ago, in OStatus times) depend on host-meta. That could be the case, for instance, if you installed Mastodon so that it is on but serving In this case, please check that redirects to, or proxies,

With nginx, this could be done like this:

location /.well-known/webfinger {
return 301$request_uri;

#Mastoadmin #Mastodev

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> Le Royaume-Uni a découvert tardivement 16 000 malades de plus au coronavirus en une semaine, à cause des limites techniques d'Excel qui n'autorise pas plus de 16 000 colonnes.

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