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I'm sick investigating on privacy violations. Even after many years of research on the companies making money with illegally obtained data such as SafeGraph, I am not used to the violence enabled by such business. I spend weeks, months, usually for free, documenting the links between these companies and governments, law enforcement, etc. Few of my researches were published (The Markup, WST, etc.) but today I feel alone and powerless.

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Hey, j'ai l'impression que la conf de l'OpenWRT de mon Turris Mox n'est pas encore parfaite.
Pourquoi ? Parce que j'ai les cartes et les câbles et le wifi 5 qui vont bien mais j'ai un débit terriblement lent. Genre, je n'arrive pas à dépasser les 17Mo/s en streaming local, par exemple.

Vous auriez des astuces pour déboguer ce genre de souci ?


#aide #openwrt #turris

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Yubico's having a sale, if you've considered getting one for personal use - - I avoid phone-app or SMS second factors because I sync my passwords to my phone and have a strong suspicion that in the worst case that would reduce me to one factor.

Yubikeys work well and are pretty low friction for the benefits they offer, I recommend them.

SnappyMail ✉️

Simple, modern, lightweight & fast web-based email client.

This is a fork of the much appreciated RainLoop, but with massive changes to be compatible with (mobile) browsers in 2020.

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We've released updates to matrix-appservice-irc to patch a High security vulnerability. It's advised to update to 0.34.0 as soon as possible.

The bridges operated by the Foundation have been patched.

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📢 Nextcloud Hub 24 is here!

🙋 User migration
🔒 Smart file locking
🚀 4x lower DB load
💬 Reactions & media tab in Talk
😍 Reply to calls & messages in Desktop client
📩 Undo send & schedule emails
📝 Tables, infoboxes & more in Text & Collectives!

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L'origine des longitudes sur Terre, c'est le méridien de Greenwich.

Sur Mars, l'origine des longitudes, c'est un cratère du nom de Airy-0, lui-même situé dans un plus grand cratère du nom de Airy.

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"the bulk of the response falls back on arguing critics of cryptocurrencies simply don't understand how it all works"

On peut inventer un mot valise qui mélange "sac à merde" et "cryptobro" ?

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--> Mon rêve devenu réalité. Adieux les heures de retranscription.


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