This is really a key advantage for the fediverse, because humanity is not a homogeneous substrate and it's always going to be impossible to "apply consistent standards worldwide". It's the problem of a single centralized authority trying to make everyone fit into its categorizations.

Rather than try to deploy a one-size-fits-all set of rules for the entire world it's better to let affinity groups manage themselves and to have their own particular standards in accordance with their culture/history/beliefs. But this is something which Facebook couldn't easily implement without breaking the business model. It's their Achilles heel.
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Internet tax is fake news. I said tax the rich. Jail the bankers. Don't believe the media. Terrible people.

I really can't understand why NPR continues to give Trump supporters a voice over logical, intelligent guests. There are already a ton of news organizations that allow these morons to monopolize the airwaves, we have 0 actually leftist major news outlets and NPR has been leaning further and further to the right. This is NOT what free speech looks like. This IS what nazi sympathy looks like.

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