Since some time I have a problem:
after /disconnect -all I try to do /quit, but the command doesn't work at all. I need to kill weechat only via SIGKILL to take an effect...
Why? Any ideas, how to fix the problem??
I have weechat 3.3

#weechat #IRC #problem

@lukaso666 : it can sometimes take some time to clear all lines in all buffers, especially if you have a high number of buffers and a slow CPU. Can you reproduce the issue with only a few buffers, and maybe no scripts loaded (scripts can freeze weechat as well)? If you can reproduce, please file an issue on GitHub, thanks!

@weechat yeep, I have many changes in weechat interface via /iset + 30 autojoined buffers... but:

0.4 - 0.7% CPU (on 15.5G) durring normal work - it's good, I think.

after /quit, CPU: 0.0 - 1.3% - same after command: /killall weechat-curses

only SIGKILL kills the app...

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