We are not kidding with the security vulnerabilities and we are completely transparent about the issues. The security page on weechat.org has been redesigned from scratch, more user-friendly and much more information: blog.weechat.org/post/2022/01/

Zstandard compression has been added in weechat protocol of relay plugin: up to 4x faster and better compression than zlib!
For more information, check the development blog: blog.weechat.org/post/2022/01/
Zstandard compression: facebook.github.io/zstd/

The Ubuntu “Jammy Jellyfish” (22.04) has been added in repositories.
The development version of WeeChat is now available for jammy (amd64 only), and will be built every night.

Additionally, the version 3.3 has been added for Ubuntu 21.10 (Impish Indri).

All repositories are here: weechat.org/download/debian/

@lukaso666 : it can sometimes take some time to clear all lines in all buffers, especially if you have a high number of buffers and a slow CPU. Can you reproduce the issue with only a few buffers, and maybe no scripts loaded (scripts can freeze weechat as well)? If you can reproduce, please file an issue on GitHub, thanks!

WeeChat now supports XDG directories, used by default on first startup.
For more information: specs.weechat.org/specs/001285
All major features of the future and released versions are on the development page: weechat.org/dev/

Hot new feature: IRC SASL SCRAM authentication (with SHA-1, SHA-256 or SHA-512). Available in devel version, will be in 3.2, scheduled for ~ mid-June.

@joeyh : the docs and command help have already been updated. Thanks :)

Apologies for the 600+ users still on @ freenode, the channel has been "stolen" by the new hostile admins, after 18 years of presence. "Thank you for using freenode" they say…
You are welcome as soon as possible on irc.libera.chat!

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