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WeeChat 2.0.1 released! This is a bug fix and maintenance release.

Since today, the Debian packaging has changed in Debian/Ubuntu/Raspbian repositories: the scripting plugins are split into multiple packages, so that Perl, Python, Ruby, … can be installed separately.

Important: if you are using the WeeChat development packages from, you will have to install manually the scripting packages.

For more information:

Version 1.9.1 released! This is a bug fix and maintenance release. Upgrade recommended (security issue fixed).

Fan of Try fset plugin: built-in, highly customizable, advanced filtering/sorting, group actions, /set integration and much more!

After the release of stretch, the Debian “buster” is now the testing version and has been added in repositories.
The development version of WeeChat is now available for buster (i386/amd64 only), and will be built every night.

All repositories are here:

Version 1.9 is scheduled for June, 25th.
A big surprise is scheduled for the 14th anniversary of WeeChat (so in version 2.0), stay tuned!

The WeeChat development blog has been moved to It is now using HTTPS only, like

The ubuntu “artful” (17.10) has been added in repositories (development version built every night).

Hello WeeChatters, this is the new official WeeChat mastodon account!

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