Stop Firefox from sending keystrokes to Mozilla:

* Menu > Settings > Privacy & Security
* Scroll down to “Address Bar - Firefox Suggest”
* Disable “Contextual suggestions”
* Disable “Include occasional sponsored suggestions”

Or switch to LibreWolf:

@don_atoms I would probably go for the latter, considering the privacy violations of the past that you'll have to deal with individually, too, and the violations to come.

They really are like weeds or mosquitoes, aren't they?

We've written about this under #)Mozilla.

Maybe their needs to be a special hashtag dedicated to the infestation, how about #Mosquilla.

We've written about other things similar to this, rather. Not this exact thing.

Thanks for sharing!

@don_atoms Can i somehow integrate this setting in a central firefox user.js settings file? Which settings need to be added there?

@don_atoms Err sorry. It's the central mozilla.cfg settings file i use (but it's basically the same as the user.js used to be).

@lefarfadet I'm a firm FF supporter, hence my disappointment:

1. True, FF Suggest has only been enabled by default for the US. So far without additional telemetry being shared

2. But there's plans to have users opt in to FF Suggest & agree to share more data with Mozilla (search terms, location, ...)

3. Arguably, that's not an issue in itself, FF has a right to do business. But Mozilla's lack of transparency is alarming. Such changes have implications. Communication must improve

Thanks for your answer. I also regret that mozilla is selling its ass off. I guess this is not coming from the foundation, but rather from the mozilla company behind the foundation.

So.... tor browser is the only non privacy invading browser left ?

@don_atoms thanks for this, I have wanted an actually-private browser. A project keeping up with Mozilla and stripping the tracking seems like a good approach

@don_atoms I have two month using librewolf, it's really nice

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