The board voted unanimously to post the following statement on the FSF website: While our primary mission is freedom for software users, we want to be clear, the FSF board unanimously condemns misogyny, racism,and other bigotry as well as defamation, intimidation, and unfair attacks on free thought and speech.

@fsf Oh great, centralism.

Tell that to your staff that you lied too.

Tell that to your PAYING members that you made this decision on that they didn't vote for.

This is the equivalent of @microsoft
handing out LGBTQ pins while funding ICE.

@defcon201 @fsf
Just saying that you can't hide behind a veneer of democracy.
@defcon201 @fsf what do you expect? coders have low self-esteem it's why they rejected chauvinism and joined the wokie cult

@ew @fsf It's more like they rejected bathing and joined the faux-big-brain cult. 😂

@defcon201 @fsf @microsoft who made you their lawyer? They can speak for themselves...don't interfere!!!! Have you ever supported #FSF? Did you donate anything for #fsf ? I doubt it .. only criticize for a different agenda.

@Coneng @fsf @microsoft Some of our members use to be paid members of (not anymore obviously) and many of us work on FOSS projects and contribute to open source including working on projects done by @fsf and .

@defcon201 @fsf @microsoft FOSS is not #fsf. Open source is way different than fsf. With this behavior you are not following your EFA free expression principle. You don't have code of conduct nor constitution. Please concentrate on building not destroying.

@defcon201 @fsf
Oh, I see you did a video version of it, but based on the observations of yourself's regular talking!

@danialbehzadi @fsf We don't know where you got that from, this is just direct live feed of one of the FSF boards.

@defcon201 @fsf
So you follow their onlyfans account… Seems you're so obsessed with them!

@danialbehzadi @fsf Never mind that no, we don't even know if they have one but...what is wrong with OnlyFans? Last we check OF has not defended going to Epstein's island and arguing the age and consent of the sex slaves forced to work there. Might want to recheck that one.

@fsf Tell me officially RMS is back and I will support you much more than I used to do in the past. Stallman is a pain in the ass for companies like Google, Microsoft and fucking Red Hat. So I don't get surprise they are the first to pressure.

@jrballesteros05 @fsf

> Tell me officially RMS is back

I suppose it is official because his name is included here, scroll down to the bottom of the page:

@eliasr @fsf That's a good new. I donated when I realized he is back but I will double the donation. I am nothing compare to a company but who cares, if many people like me donate we wouldn't need them despite of their pressure. Thanks for clarifying me.

@fsf This is meaningless until it is backed up by action by removing Stallman from the FSF board and GNU. I am also disappointed by validating the bad faith attacks trying to deligitimize people's free speech by claiming they are somehow violating Stallman's right to free speech by holding him accountable. Trying to appease both sides typically ends up pleasing no one.

Ni! For those who actually follow FSF's work and care about the organization and software freedom, there's a lot of positive discussion about FSF governance happening in the members Forum. I invite you to join as a member and help support its uncompromising stance on Free Software.

Also, stop piling on Stallman for respectfully expressing controversial but in effect harmless views, and go deal with the actual structural problems that promote misoginy and racism on this planet.You can't solve political problems with populist moralism. That has only ever lead to authoritarianism.

@fsf I have an idea, why don't you and rms have a videoconference or irc discussion with prominent supporters of the remove rms petition like Debian and GNOME? Rms claims it was a misunderstanding so if it was this would smooth it out.


Ni! That would be a good idea, but it depends on a misrepresentation of the situation. There are people affiliated with the projects you mention who support the petition, but just as well there are people who do not. The people who launched the petition have access to RMS and are aware that he did engage in public discussion explaining how his views got misconstrued at the time of the 2019 episode. In preparing their petition, those people not only chose to ignore that, but also to not acknowledge or dialogue with further clarifications published then and since by others. They did not even wait for the discussion sessions RMS was trying to organize during the very conference where he announced his return. The very framing of the petition is antagonistic with debate, as it bets on calling for complete and immediate collective eviction. So, let's not suggest that these people have an interest in a fair and mediated discussion when they've been evading it from the start. Especially as long as they're being enabled and see themselves as "winning" against their "enemy". I only picture them calling for discussion when the tide turns, when the harm they're doing becomes glaring, when amplified voices stop cheering them and more people stop being afraid to voice their disagreement. .~´
I'm so glad that Stallman is back at the FSF.  We need more folks like him who can endure a smear campaign without caving. <3

@fsf Support RMS! Support FSF! They create many great things.

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